Because You Asked

Do you have a user guide?

How do I contact you?

Please view our contact page.

What are the system requirements?

View our systems requirements page for more information. The program will run on most any PC or MAC and most mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). Recommended browser: we suggest using the latest version of Chrome on your PC or Mac. Otherwise, we recommend using Firefox, Safari, or IE11.

When do I get charged?

Your first 30 days are free. After that it’s just $29.95 a month for your entire staff.

How much is the setup fee?

There is no setup fee!

Is it easy to use?

Extremely! No training required. BRT was specifically designed to be intuitive. Most commands open a new tab, so you rarely use the ‘back’ button.

How do I cancel?

We think you'll find our training extremely useful, but if you would like to cancel for any reason, we only require an advance notice of 2 weeks to ensure that the recurring billing is turned off. And, there are no fees to cancel.

Can I get a refund?

If you find the training is not meeting your expectations within the first 15 days that we have set up your account, we will refund the total amount of your purchase.

How long does it take for you to setup my account once I have signed up?

You can start using the training immediately! Once you sign up, you’ll receive an auto-generated email with instructions on how to login and start using the training!

Is your system secure when purchasing your training?

Yes. We use secure encrypted web pages for online ordering, so your transaction is safe and secure.

Other questions?

Please contact us.

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